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Jtag box pro packaged with 6 cables,repair 200 models

Jtag box pro packaged with 6 cables,repair 200 models
Product Detailed
Jtag box pro packaged with 6 cables,repair 200 models 1. 1 year warranty 2. 11 years manufacter 3. fast shipping

Jtag box pro packaged with 6 cables,repair 200 models

GPG JTAG Box Outstanding FeaturesMore than 200 phones supported. Constantly updatable Full Flash files archive (more than 150 models supported). Repair CDMA cell phones. Supports Read/Write resume. One-key phone Unlock, Repair CID/IMEI. World's first box that can repair Samsung cell phones with unknown baseband.

GPG JTAG Box Supported OperationsBoot Repair Unlock/Repair Phone Repair IMEI Repair CID Read/Write/Erase Full Flash

GPG JTAG Box Supported Cell PhonesAlcatel OT-910 DELL Streak Google-G1(HTC) Google G1(T-Mobile) Google G1(Full Flash) Google G2_32A(HTC Magic) Google G2_32A(CPU_MSM7200A) Google G2_32B(HTC Magic) Google G3(HTC Hero) Google G4(HTC Tattoo) Google G5(HTC Nexus) Google G6(HTC Legend) Google G7 Google G7(A8181/A8180) Google G8(HTC Wildfire) HTC A6376 HTC Diamond HTC Diamond(CDMA) HTC Eris HTC F3188 HTC HERO200 HTC HD HTC HD2 HTC HD2(Full Flash) HTC HD7 HTC Magic A6188 HTC Magic A6188W HTC Magic Sapp400 HTC MAPL100 HTC Mozart HTC MP6900SP(CDMA) HTC P3700 HTC Rhodium HTC Rhodium300 HTC Rhodium210 HTC Rhodium 100 HTC Rhodium 110 HTC Rhodium 400 HTC Rhodium 500 HTC Rhodium W HTC S500 HTC S505 HTC S521 HTC Snap HTC S600 HTC S900 HTC S900C(CDMA) HTC S900C+(CDMA) HTC Smart HTC T8698 HTC TITAN(CDMA) HTC Touch Pro2 T7380 HTC Touch Pro2 T7373 HTC XV6800(CDMA) HTC XV6875 HTC VX6900(CDMA) HTC XV6950(CDMA) Toshiba G910 Toshiba TG01 Huawei C8500 Huawei C8600 Huawei C8650 Huawei CHT8000 Huawei CHT8000+ Huawei U7520 Huawei U8110 Huawei U8220 Huawei U8230 Huawei U8500 Huawei V716 LG GT540 LG GD880 LG P500 LG P500h LG P503 LG P504 LG P505 LG P506 LG P509 LG KH2100 LG SH210 Lenovo C101 Lenovo W100 Lenovo W101 Lenovo S1 Motorola A3000 Motorola A3100 Motorola XT502 Samsung 706SC Samsung 707SC Samsung 707SCII Samsung 740SC Samsung 821SC Samsung 930SC Samsung 941SC Samsung A867 Samsung A877 Samsung B7320 Samsung B7320L Samsung C5510 Samsung C5510H Samsung C5510U Samsung F488_F480_F480V Samsung F700 Samsung F700V Samsung G400 Samsung G500 Samsung G508 Samsung G508E Samsung I900Model Samsung G800 Samsung G800L Samsung G808 Samsung G808E Samsung G800B Samsung G810_PHONE Samsung i450_i458_PDA Samsung i450_i458_PHONE Samsung i559 Samsung i5500 Samsung i5500B Samsung i5500L Samsung i5500M Samsung i5503 Samsung i5503T Samsung i5508 Samsung i569(CDMA) Samsung i5700_PDA Samsung i579(CDMA) Samsung i5800 Samsung i5800L Samsung i5801 Samsung i6410_PDA Samsung i6500U_PDA Samsung i718_PDA Samsung i728 Samsung i7500 Samsung i780_i788_PDA Samsung i780_i788_PHONE Samsung i8000 Samsung i8510_PHONE Samsung I8700 Samsung i8910_PHONE Samsung i897 Samsung i9000_PDA Samsung i9000B Samsung i9000L Samsung i9000M Samsung i9000T Samsung i9003_S5PC110 Samsung i9003_OMAP3630[1.8V] Samsung i9003_OMAP3630[2.6V] Samsung i9003L_OMAP3630[1.8V] Samsung i9003L_OMAP3630[2.6V] Samsung i9008_OMAP3630[1.8V] Samsung i9008_OMAP3630[2.6V] Samsung i9008L_OMAP3630[1.8V] Samsung i9008L_OMAP3630[2.6V] Samsung I9020 Samsung I9023 Samsung i9088 Samsung i9100 Samsung I917 Samsung i997 Samsung i900_i908_PDA Samsung i900_i908_PHONE Samsung i908E_PHONE Samsung i908L_PHONE Samsung M110S Samsung M180S Samsung M130K Samsung M240S Samsung M490_PDA Samsung M490_PHONE Samsung M710 Samsung M715 Samsung M8800_PDA Samsung P1000 Samsung P1000N Samsung SHWM250S Samsung SHWM250K Samsung S3370 Samsung S3650 Samsung S3650C Samsung S3650M Samsung S3650W Samsung S3850 Samsung S5230 Samsung S5230C Samsung S5230G Samsung S5230H Samsung S5230K Samsung S5230M Samsung S5230R Samsung S5230W Samsung S5233A Samsung S5233S Samsung S5233T Samsung S5233W Samsung S5250 Samsung S5250W Samsung S5253 Samsung S5260 Samsung S5263 Samsung S5330 Samsung S5330L Samsung S5333 Samsung S5510 Samsung S5530 Samsung S5570_A Samsung S5570_B Samsung S5580 Samsung S5600 Samsung S5600 Samsung S5600H Samsung S5600L Samsung S5600V Samsung S5603 Samsung S5603T Samsung S5608U Samsung S5660 Samsung S5620 Samsung S5750 Samsung S5750E Samsung S5753E Samsung S5830 Samsung S5830L Samsung S5838 Samsung S6700C Samsung S6700T Samsung S6703 Samsung S7070 Samsung S7070C Samsung S7120U Samsung S7120H Samsung S7230 Samsung S7230B Samsung S7230E Samsung S7230W Samsung S7233E Samsung S7330 Samsung S7350 Samsung S7350C Samsung S7350E Samsung S7350F Samsung S7350H Samsung S7350i Samsung S8000 Samsung S8300 Samsung S8500 Samsung S8530 Samsung SC-01C Samsung SC-02B Samsung SCH-i800 Samsung SEC-SCHW420 Samsung SPH-W4200 Samsung SEC-SCHW550 Samsung SPH-W5500 Samsung SEC-SCHW770 Samsung SPH-W7700 Samsung SCH-W850 Samsung SEC-SPHW8500 Samsung SGH-N023 Samsung SPH-P100 Samsung T749 Samsung T849 Samsung T919 Samsung T959_PDA Samsung T959P Samsung T959V Samsung T939 Samsung U700 Samsung U700B Samsung U700V Samsung U708 Samsung U800 Samsung U800F Samsung U808 Samsung U900 Samsung U900F Samsung U900G Samsung U900K Samsung U900L Samsung U900T Samsung U900U Samsung U900V Samsung U900W Samsung U908 Samsung W750 Samsung W330 Samsung W3300 Samsung W768 Samsung W799 ZTE N600 ZTE N600+ ZTE V880 ZTE V887 ZTE 003Z_SoftBank ZTE P729B_Orange Apanda A60 Apanda A60S Samsung I550 Samsung S5560 Samsung P1010 Huawei U8120 Samsung B7330 Samsung G810 Samsung G818 Samsung I520 Samsung I550W Samsung I560 Samsung i740 Samsung I910 Samsung I5510 Samsung i7500U Samsung I8320 Samsung S5560 Samsung S5560C Samsung S5560H Samsung S5560I Samsung S5570 Samsung S5570B Samsung S5570L HTC A6288 HTC WildfireS LG GD880F LG GM730 LG GM703E LG GM730F LG GM735 LG GT540G LG GT40GO LG GT540R LG GT540F Samsung A777 Samsung A837 Samsung F339 Samsung F490 Samsung F490v Samsung F500CP Samsung F508 Samsung F859 Samsung I520 Samsung S3370L Samsung S5520 Samsung W290 Samsung W2900 Samsung W589 Samsung W799 Samsung Z630 Sony Ericsson E10a Sony Ericsson E10i Sony Ericsson E15a Sony Ericsson E15i Sony Ericsson E16i Sony Ericsson So-01b Sony Ericsson U20a Sony Ericsson U20i Sony Ericsson X10a Sony Ericsson X10i ZTE X850 LG CU575 LG SH110 LG C550 LG C710H LG E510 LG E510G LG E510F LG P690 LG P690B LG P692 LG KU370 LG KU3700 Samsung T469 Samsung W240 Samsung W2400 Samsung W270 Samsung W2700 Samsung SHW-A130K Samsung SHW-A130S Samsung SHW-A180S Samsung SCH-W390 Samsung SCH-W460 Samsung SCH-W560 Samsung SCH-W720 Samsung SCH-W910 Samsung SCH-W9100 Samsung SPH-W5000 Samsung SPH-W5300 Samsung SPH-W5300T Samsung SPH-W5310 Sharp SH8118U Amoi S2 LG C660 LG TU720 LG CU720 LG KH2700 LG KH2100 LG KH2200 LG KH6400 LG KH3100 LG KH6500 LG KH8000 LG KM1800M LG KH8200 LG KU9100 LG KU4000 LG KU9300 LG P350GO LG SH150_150A LG SH210 LG SH240 LG SH470 LG SH400 LG SH640 LG SH650 LG SH810 LG SH460 Samsung SCH_W300 LG SU100 LG SU910 Samsung SCH_W350 Samsung SCH_W410 Samsung SCH_W570 Samsung SCH_W590 Samsung SCH_W750 Samsung SCH_W920 Samsung SCH_W780 Samsung SCH_W7900 Samsung SPH_W3000 Samsung SPH_W4200(new) Samsung SPH_W4100 Samsung SPH_W3500 Samsung SPH_W5200 ZTE X850 Racer LG P505R LG P506GO ZTE T2 HTC P6950 Samsung I5510L Samsung I550T Samsung M290S Samsung M290K Taop T100 T-SMART_G68 ZTE V880+ Samsung S3653 Samsung S3653W HTC T8788 HTC Surround (PD26100) Samsung I589(CDMA) Samsung i579 Samsung i569 Acer S100 Huawei 1732 Samsung I9220 Samsung N7000 Samsung W830 Samsung W8300 Philips W715 Samsung SK_S100 Samsung M210S HTC T9199_CDMA HTC P5500 LG E720 HTC_A510C Samsung S5830T Samsung S5830B Samsung S5830D SHW-M200S SHW-M200K Samsung I9020A Samsung i9020T Huawei U1270 Orange Boston ZTE N760 Samsung M130L HTC Incredible 2 ADR6350 Samsung P6200 Huawei U1300 LG GW820 LG GW825v Huawei U1300 Samsung P6200 Samsung I9100G Samsung I9108(I9108-W13) HTC Nike_Boot.bin HTC Wings_Boot.bin HTC Kaiser_Boot.bin G910 HTC_Ouch_dual HTC_P4550 LG KS20 LG KS200 Toshiba G910 Toshiba G810 Huawei E272 ZTE-C_X920 HTC Mega HTC Touch2 T3333 Samsung S5578 HTC T8686 HTC_Trophy Huawei U8150 Huawei U1280 Samsung I8910 PDA Samsung I8320 PDA Samsung M100S Huawei C8800 Vodafone 845 Huawei U1250 Huawei U8160 Huawei U8180 Vodafone 858 HTC Desire Z (A7272) HTC Desire S (S510E) TC Glacier (myTouch 4G) HTC Incredible 2 (CDMA) HTC Incredible S (S710E)

GPG JTAG Box Package Content GPG JTAG Box Main JTAG Cable (2 pcs.) X-10i Cable 10i Cable E16i Cable 20i Cable

Jtag box pro packaged with 6 cables,repair 200 models

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